365 Infantry
Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent
Episode 6 - Cosmic Conflagration

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Episode 6 - Cosmic Conflagration

The Sky is Alive With A Terror Beyond Belief!

Alan and Golden Cloud are enjoying a meteor shower when a giant silver disk goes whizzing by! When the red-furred rebel meets up with family friend and Ufologist Doctor Verne, it’s up to all three to find out whether the hostile machine is truly alien or yet another fiendish plot of General Langdon’s!

Created by "Stan Winshaw" for 98.5 WHOL

Narrator, Writer, Composer & Sound Designer — Jacob Calta
Announcer, Editor & Additional Voices & FX — Brendan Rechnitzer
Special Thanks to Soma Mei Sheng Frazier, ByteMapper and Craig Smith

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365 Infantry
Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent
Join desert rogue Alan and high-tech hot rod Golden Cloud as they take on the villainous schemes of the dictator Langdon in an exciting work of in-world fiction!