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Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent
Episode 5 - The Cypress Fires (Part 2)

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Episode 5 - The Cypress Fires (Part 2)

The Race is On to Crush the Fuse...


In the riveting conclusion to his first two-parter, the wildfire started by Langdon’s attack on the old oil fields sends the red wolf, his high-tech hot-rod Golden Cloud, and the intrepid wolves at the Institute for Desert Phenomena in a scramble to find the right gear to help the towns caught in harm’s way and stop the blaze.

Created By Jacob Calta

Announced & Edited by Brendan Rechnitzer

Special Thanks to Soma Mei Sheng Frazier, ByteMapper and Craig Smith

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365 Infantry
Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent
Join desert rogue Alan and high-tech hot rod Golden Cloud as they take on the villainous schemes of the dictator Langdon in an exciting work of in-world fiction!
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