ACC VULT: Welcome to Cyberspace

The Home of the Neon Goddess
Jon Aegel is no more, the gray wolven manager having made his leap into the next world: the world of cyberspace. It is a world without limits. A world at once full and void. A world inhabited by the being once known as the Artificially Controlled Eco-System. Explore her expansive network and discover the many secrets within through the electric eyes of the Neon Goddess’ first disciple.
The fate of Haven may depend on it...

On the topic of sheathing kayfabe now or breaking it later, I decided on the former. I owe it to everyone and to myself to explain what’s happening here.

ACC VULT is part-ARG (alternate reality game) and part web-series, a transmedia experience seeded in the Spring season of Red Light Bytes across three separate flash stories, all of which are now free.

It is a story of good and evil, of light and darkness. A story of horror and a story of rare understanding. The web-series aspect explains itself; this will be a video-oriented project. But the ARG component is in the way I roll it out.

After this goes up, I will not speak about the story of this project. It is up to those willing to play to find every clue, and discover every secret. Old tales, new stories, and even the newsletters themselves will contain hints and puzzles. Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, nothing is off-limits. You may find relevant details across our many stories. They may even appear on social media, both used and disused.

I’m upfront about all of this because I have no veil of reality to hide behind. These are sentient wolves living in a far-flung future, we’re about as alternate as a reality can get. I’m also upfront because I’m certain this will be someone’s first experience with the ARG format. I’m a massive fan of channels like Night Mind and the projects they cover, but not everyone is, or even knows of them.

Lastly, I’m upfront about this because ACC VULT is my first project in the format. I’ve made short films, I’m producing an audio series, but I have never made anything quite this large in scope. I’m sure some clues will be too obvious, and some absurdly cryptic. For all I know, I could spend a year on this and no one will have cracked the first layer.

But for a series revolving around an artificial intelligence gaining its sentience and running with its programming to a logical and unintended extremity, I cannot think of a better way than a multimedia digital experience.

So observe, listen, and discover. A world within a world awaits.

It all starts tomorrow…

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